Is BioSculpt Body too good to be true?

It appears so, doesn’t it, but it will in fact blow your mind. The results you can get with clients in less than 20 minutes and how quickly you will get a waiting list for these service will speak for itself.

After I reserve my market when will I find out if my zip code is available?

24-72 business hours.

If my primary zip code is not available will I get a refund?


How soon will I get my BioSculpt Body program?

October 2016 is the first time the BioSculpt Body program has been available in the USA to anyone besides in our centers. We have scheduled delivery times to be set before the end of this year, so you can take advantage of the section 179 deduction, if you can, and so you will be ready for the RED HOT January weight loss season.

How does the BioSculpt Body program work?

The BioSculpt Body program is one of the most scientifically advanced and comprehensive natural weight loss and body sculpting programs today. It has plenty of research to back it’s “muscles” up too. Selective Biophotonic Activation or Photobiomodulation is the next big thing. Our doctor developed program guidelines include, a simple to follow, scientifically backed diet and exercise plan, even though many clients say they have seen good results without following the guidelines.

Do all skin types respond to the BioSculpt Body program?

Yes. All skin types I – VI respond to the program.

Is the BioSculpt Body program safe?

Absolutely and we have taken every precaution to keep it this way. It is completely non-invasive and natural. There has never been one reported adverse event.

Do some people respond better than others to the BioSculpt Body program?

Yes. Program results vary based on body size and weight, lifestyle, health status and program adherence. Included in the cost of the system you will receive all the screening to accept the most ideal clients and how to coach them through the program successfully.

Who should not participate in the BioSculpt Body program?

The intended use of our program is by healthy adult individuals above the age of 18 years old. Those who have or had cancer, liver disease, kidney disease or lymphatic disease cannot participate. Our program is not valid for pregnant or breastfeeding women, those diagnosed morbidly obese (>40BMI), those with epilepsy, those on photosensitive drugs or known photosensitivity, those with an active infection, those with type 1 diabetes, those on cortisone or other steroid injections, those with medical implants in areas exposed to biophotonic activation technology or electrical medical implants anywhere (i.e. pacemaker), those with a current wound, trauma and/or keloid scarring in areas exposed to biophotonic activation technology.

How many program sessions are in a typical BioSculpt Body program?

Most programs include 3-12 program sessions over the course of 1 to 12 weeks. Program sessions are spaced ideally 72 hours apart.

How many inches and pounds do clients lose in a typical BioSculpt Body program?

A client that is able to participate in the program and is following the program guidelines will always see up to a 10 inch loss in their first full body program session, with a minimum of about 2 inches of loss. 1 circumferential inch loss is equivalent to about 500ml or 16oz of volume, give or take 1 to 2 oz. depending on the person. Some clients have lost over 10 lbs. in a single session and some have lost over 100 lbs. after completing a program package.

What is the 2"+ guarantee that we offer in our centers?

2” Plus Painless Loss Money Back Guarantee: Lose 2” or more on your first full body program session without pain or discomfort. Six different measurements are taken on females before and after your first full body program session to determine if a cumulative 2” or more loss was achieved (five measurements are taken on males). No type of waist buster program session qualifies for this offer (i.e. Groupon Introductory Session, etc.). Females dress size 4 or below and males pant size 34 or below do not qualify for this offer. If you qualify for this offer and you do not lose at least 2” on your first full body program session, then you will receive your full amount of money back and your session was free. Please Note: Program results vary based on body size and weight, lifestyle and health status and program adherence. 98% of clients will see a 2” or more loss, as long as they were qualified to participate in the program and followed the program guidelines.

What is the busiest time of year for these services?

Cold weather climates - January through October. Warm weather climates – all year round. Spikes occur in January, March, May-June and September

How easy is it to implement this program in my existing office?

This system can be implemented in 24 hours. We provide all the training and support, along with a full scripted manual, digital forms and everything you need to get started quickly.

Will I be able to sell groupons?

Yes. If you are in a groupon service area. This can be assisted with in a monthly marketing package.

I am a DC, can I do this in my state?

Yes, we have worked long and hard to be able to allow this program to be offered in every state in the USA.

What is the cost per program session?

Our groupon waist-buster program session has sold for 3 years consistently at a $125 price point. When developing programs, per session price in a package of 3-12 sessions ranges from $175 to $250 per session. Remember, these are only 20 minute appointments.

What comes with the BioSculpt Body program when I purchase or lease it?

Download the pricing and there is an itemized list and explanation of everything that is included in your purchase or lease of the BioSculpt Body program.

What is the section 179 deduction?

The section 179 deduction for businesses is an amazing thing passed by the house and senate that allows you to keep cash in your pocket while at the same time growing your business. Learn more at: