December 16, 2016

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Does Your Salt Intake Affect Weight Loss?

A high quality salt (Celtic Sea Salt) with not only sodium chloride but also other trace minerals is essential to any health and weight loss regimen. Salt is required for proper hydration, all cellular function and for the adrenal glands to function at their optimum potential. To find the amount of salt you need, gradually increase your Celtic Sea salt intake until you find the amount you feel best on. Usually 2 to 10 grams or roughly 1/2 teaspoonful to 1 tablespoonful a day will satisfy most people’s needs. After determining the ideal dosage, try to gradually cut back to the lowest dosage and see if that is just as effective, as too much salt of any kind can cause too much fluid retention.  The addition of a small amount of sweetener like the natural sweeteners in our Replenish product actually helps you absorb the salt better. You can consume salt in our Supercharged Water recipe, or you can spread it on your food, just remember to find your right dosage that your body needs as too much may inhibit your weight loss progress. If you notice cramping in your legs then there may be a need for magnesium and potassium supplementation too, but when making our Supercharged Water recipe cramps are usually avoided. Other salts like regular table salt and sodium in food should be avoided. 


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