December 16, 2016

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How To Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

Being chronically constipated from a poor diet and lifestyle can leave you carrying up to 20lbs or more of waste. If you are not drinking ½ oz to 1oz per body weight in water every day, you are probably constipated. Especially when following the Supercharged Diet, you may want to take Magnesium (in addition to Supercharged Water) every night before bed.
The best version to take would be magnesium glycinate if you can find or any version to help move the bowels.
What is the appropriate dosage…enough to have a “healthy” bowel movement in the morning without diarrhea. Many start at 500mg before bed and some work all the way up to 2000mg before bed. The dosage may have to be adjusted day to day and as you take magnesium daily, in time your dosage needs will go down but if you are extremely depleted of this mineral, it may take over 1 year to get normally saturated with this mineral. Many people say they lost 3 or more pounds. just doing this, and they feel way less bloated!


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